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You can have all the talent in the world, but without determination, you won’t get very far.  

Malorie Blackman 

No matter how skilled, talented, intelligent, or accomplished you are, challenges, big and small, will land in your path and test your purpose. When our purpose is tested, it is determination that pulls us through. Rest assured there are steps you can take to fortify your determination in advance of unexpected challenges, and steps you can take to supercharge your determination when those challenges are staring you in the face.  

Let’s start with how to fortify your determination before the challenges arise.  

  1. Set clear and attainable goals.  
    You and your team must clearly understand your vision for the organization. Everyone on your team must also understand their own team and individual goals required to achieve that vision. These goals must be attainable, but I want to be clear that attainable is not synonymous with easy. Goals are meant to make you stretch your abilities, and it is the responsibility of you, the leader, to provide the support and resources to make those stretches possible.  
  1. Make the daily decision to commit to doing the work necessary to reach your goals and achieve your vision.  
    If you establish this practice when things are running smoothly, you’ll be prepared to fully engage your determination to face any obstacle that gets in your way.  
  1. Establish your values and priorities in advance.  
    Leaders must adjust their course of action as new challenges arise. Sometimes that requires shifting effort, focus, and resources between goals. If you and your team clearly understand your organization’s vision, values, and priorities, you will be able to make a clear decision as to the best path forward.  
  1. Face your FUD.  
    Intentionally facing your fears, uncertainties, and doubts on a daily basis—no matter how small—will build the courage and confidence you will need to draw on for the big stuff.  

When a challenge has set itself squarely in your path, here are steps you can take to supercharge your determination to overcome it.  

  1. Assess the challenge against your vision, values, and priorities.  
    Determine your options to address the challenge and assess how each of those options will impact your vision, values, and priorities. There will be times when goals conflict, requiring you to draw on your determination to stick with the process, make tough decisions, and always do what’s right.  
  1. Decide and create a plan of action.  
    You’ve assessed how your vision, values, and priorities stack up against the challenge in front of you. Now create a plan of action that keeps you and the organization aligned with them.   
  1. Set a deadline for action.  
    Setting a deadline signals that you are focused and committed to overcoming the challenge. In doing so, you boost your and your team’s determination to see it through.  
  1. Face your FUD.  
    You have been intentionally facing your FUD on the small stuff every day to help build your courage and confidence for the long game. Now it’s time to leverage that daily practice to dig deep and supercharge your determination for the bursts of big fears, uncertainties, and doubts that are right in front of you.  

Determination is the gift that keeps us chasing our dreams until they are realized. Keep fueling yours.  



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