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LEADERSHIP is a value that stands the test of time and is summation of your life’s work.

LEADERSHIP is three simple concepts

1. the willingness to accept responsibility

2. to organize a group of people

3. to achieve a common goal.

In the first concept, as a Fearless Leader, you must first accept the responsibility of any situation you are asked or granted to lead. As your Fearless Leadership spreads, the challenges you lead will be tougher and the opportunities shall be greater. You will face increasing degrees of fear, uncertainty and doubt. But you will have built up your fearlessness and prepared for the ever-increasing challenges and opportunities. As the world becomes more globalized, more digital and more uncertain, accepting responsibility is more important than ever.

In the second concept, Fearless Leaders are organizers of women and men into a team that is greater than the individuals alone. As individuals we are strong, but as a group we are limitless. Every year during the offseason of professional sports, I enjoy reading how much better one team has become or worse another team has gotten. I enjoy it because there are no trophies for the offseason, and very rarely have the best individuals won championships. And this proves the concept of organizing a group of people as a team because teams truly win championships. If you think back across your career and your greatest successes, I am willing to bet there is a great story of all the people that contributed to it.

And the last concept demonstrates how Fearless Leaders set their site on a common goal and achieve it through the strength of their team’s hyper-focus on that common goal. The Fearless Leader accepts the responsibility of the goal, builds a team with the skills and experience to achieve the goal and lights the path toward the goal on a daily basis. Leadership is the greatest gift you can give yourself every day along your lifelong journey that provides you with growth opportunities that allow you to leave an exponential impact on the world.

So, are you willing to accept responsibility to organize a group of people to achieve a common goal? Is this a core value you live with on a daily basis? Do you lead into challenges? Do you endeavor to find opportunities? Are you fearless in your pursuit of achieving something great? If you answered yes to these questions, than leadership is one of your core values.




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