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Brendan P. Keegan has spent a lifetime facing down fear, uncertainty and doubt in order to make his visions a reality. And for the hundreds of thousands of people who have been inspired by his revolutionary approach to leadership, he offers an unmatched mix of creativity, generosity, wisdom and tenacious commitment to making a positive impact on the world.

In a word, Brendan is fearless.

An award-winning six-time president and chief executive officer, Brendan is well-known in the business world for his ability to envision outcomes that seem audacious, or even impossible — until he makes them a reality. As the current Chairman, CEO & President of the Board for Merchants Fleet, the fastest-growing fleet technology company in North America, he has created a culture of innovation that empowers employees, partners and investors to transform the industry. Brendan has dedicated himself to cracking his own code and building simple, repeatable systems that anyone can use to live and lead without limits. He shares his insights through regular contributions to Forbes, Fast Company, Inc., Newsweek and other publications, along with his books, blog posts, podcasts and speaking engagements.


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One Million Fearless Leaders

Imagine a world where each person is able to remove fear, uncertainty, and doubt for themselves and others. This is what’s possible with fearless leadership — unlocking an almost limitless potential for millions.

For Brendan and his fearless leaders, that vision starts here.

My Story

With that hard work and a little bit of luck, I’ve been blessed. The moment I overcame fear was the moment I was born at St. Joseph’s hospital on July 30, 1969. I was born two months early, weighing in at under two pounds and fighting to stay alive. I was baptized, confirmed and given my last rites that day. Doctors massaged my heart to keep me alive, nurses watched over me 24/7 and I received seven units of a rare blood type from donors up and down the East Coast. To stay alive from the first day through today, I only had one choice, and that was to live fearlessly.

With all the complications of my birth, my parents were counseled to manage their expectations when it came to their “miracle baby” having a healthy, normal, and productive life. Despite the comments of doctors, my parents refused to be in fear. Mom and Dad hadn’t listened to fear, uncertainty or doubt when their first child, my sister Beth, was born with Down’s Syndrome nine years earlier. They raised Beth to have an incredibly normal, healthy, and productive life for 59 glorious years. My parents lived fearlessly, and I learned my best lessons from them.

Armed with the tools of fearlessness from my birth, the moment I really chose to be a leader. The moment I chose to be a leader was the first day of football practice in rural New Hampshire when I was in third grade. Coach Buchanan circled up all the eight-year-old players and asked for someone to get in the middle and lead jumping jacks. I’m not sure what possessed me, but something moved me to jump in the middle of the circle at Artillery Field and start counting. I have been smitten with leadership every day since.

Growing up, there were plenty of days when I wished God had made me smarter, richer, more athletic and even better looking. Why? Well, even though leadership came naturally to me, other areas of my life were not so easy. I had to work really hard to get good grades in school. I had to pay my own way through college. I had to work out a little longer to be competitive on the athletic field. And I had to use my sense of humor to win girls over. I was the prototypical grinder!

I’ve been blessed to have the opportunity to lead companies as president or CEO six times across many different industries from technology to finance to automotive. I am grateful every day for the opportunity to bring good into the world and help make others become whatever they choose to be. I hope that my concepts, systems, inspiration and tools will serve as your fuel to lead fearlessly in your own life.

Success Stories

Brendan’s ability to build and lead high-performing teams is extraordinary. He cares deeply about the people he works with and pushes you to maximize your true potential.
Brendan’s ability to absorb and process a challenge and proactively address the issue sets him apart from most people we encounter in the business world. He is clearly one of the brightest executives I’ve had the pleasure of working with.
Brendan Keegan is a one-in-a-million leader that sets the gold standard. My company’s transformation and ongoing success is heavily influenced by Brendan’s leadership and advice. He has helped shape me as an owner, as a leader, and as a person.
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