Brendan P. Keegan provides a resource for those who require encouragement and motivation with a cleanly written and highly approachable method that inspires as much as it educates.
[…] a polished resource with fresh insights and a compelling and expansive definition of “leadership” itself, offering motivation and tools to help readers step into–or become more confident in–leadership roles.
Leading a team in turbulent and changing times is difficult. The FUD Factor is a refreshingly easy guide on how to do it well. This is a must-read for any manager.
Brendan has a unique ability to motivate and challenge his team to bring their A-games every day by intently listening, providing helpful encouragement, and being unabashedly transparent. His collaborative leadership approach is focused on getting to the right answer, not his answer.
My team and I had the great fortune of working directly with Brendan Keegan and, with this book, anyone can now have access to his insights, creativity, and wisdom. The world looks very different today and leaders must be intentional, reflective, and, most importantly, fearless. Brendan provides the playbook that today’s leaders – -at any level – need more than ever.
Through his book, Brendan Keegan helps readers awake the fearless leader within oneself by laying out how to overcome our unintentionally and unconsciously ingrained fear, uncertainty, and doubt. His thirty-year career journey serves as an open and honest backdrop to illustrate some of his groundbreaking lessons, which we can all learn from especially in a post-pandemic workplace. An absolute must-read if you too want to take your career to the next level by investing in yourself.