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My team and I had the great fortune of working directly with Brendan Keegan and, with this book, anyone can now have access to his insights, creativity, and wisdom. The world looks very different today and leaders must be intentional, reflective, and, most importantly, fearless. Brendan provides the playbook that today’s leaders – -at any level – need more than ever.
The knowledge I have gained from Brendan Keegan has helped me build the competitive edge needed for success. Brendan’s definition of leadership is uniquely well thought out and says it all here: LEADERSHIP is the willingness to accept responsibility to organize a group of people to achieve a common goal.
He has a unique ability to encourage people to be fearless and take calculated risks. He pushes you to be better every day and shows you that there are no limits to what you can do.
Brendan Keegan has done more for my career than he would perhaps even realize. The first time I heard Brendan speak at a conference in 2007 I was in awe of how he had everyone tuned in and captivated to the message he was conveying.

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“The first thing I ask myself is: what does this audience care about?”

Brendan P. Keegan

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Revving Up Your Growth Engine Through Relationship Management

Many of us value our relationships. However, many business leaders don’t take the time to fully capitalize on their business relationships to drive business growth—especially on sales teams.

Duration: 60 min
Category: Communication

The Fastest Way to Sustainability in Your Company

The business buzz around environmental, social and governance (ESG) — that is, how a company approaches protecting the planet, supporting communities, and adhering to beneficial regulations — is louder than ever.

Duration: 60 min
Category: Business Insights

On Being an Entrepreneur—32 Lessons from My Non-Traditional Entrepreneurship Journey

Leadership in many ways is an entrepreneurial journey. Leadership is a journey, not a destination.

Duration: 60 min
Category: Growth & Development

Winning in a SHITTY Environment – Overcoming Any CRISIS in Your Business – The Tough Times Playbook

As the CEO of a large corporation, Brendan is relied upon for emotional intelligence, quick decision making and leadership.

Duration: 60 min
Category: Business Insights

The Future of Transportation—Using Innovative Thinking to Capitalize on What’s Coming

Transportation supports just about every business that operates today. Even some digital, service-based organizations have workers that need to commute to the office, and virtually all product-based companies need cars and trucks to get supplies or deliver orders.

Duration: 60 min
Category: Business Insights

Becoming More Innovative – Innovative Thinking for the Common Person

Many companies claim to be innovative, but not many have a structured approach to teaching and executing true innovation. The best out there do.

Duration: 60 min
Category: Growth & Development

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