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Leading a team in turbulent and changing times is difficult. The FUD Factor is a refreshingly easy guide on how to do it well. This is a must-read for any manager.
Brendan’s insights on how to utilize fearlessness in your leadership journey are invaluable for any emerging leader, particularly when building a driven, top-notch team. I saw this firsthand when he was able to use these insights to build a fearless leader-ship team that took a small family-owned company through an unprecedented global pandemic and financial crisis and emerged on the other side bigger, better, and stronger as one of the most innovative players in the space.
Brendan Keegan is one of those rare leaders who not only understands and teaches theory, but has personally put leadership into practice many times. Because of that, anyone who aspires to be a leader or to further their own leadership has more than something to gain from reading Brendan’s work and implementing his systems. The knowledge I have gained from Brendan’s fearless leadership training has been instrumental in my own career growth, and I have much gratitude for all that I have learned through Brendan’s work.
He lives and breathes leadership. If you’re looking for results, changing the culture, success, and an infusion of energy, you’ve found your leader with Brendan.


The FUD Factor

Magnify your positive impact on the world by learning how to remove fear, uncertainty and doubt in yourself and the people around you. This book offers an in-depth, actionable approach to uncovering your fearless leadership potential.

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