Brendan’s insights on how to utilize fearlessness in your leadership journey are invaluable for any emerging leader, particularly when building a driven, top-notch team. I saw this firsthand when he was able to use these insights to build a fearless leader-ship team that took a small family-owned company through an unprecedented global pandemic and financial crisis and emerged on the other side bigger, better, and stronger as one of the most innovative players in the space.
When it comes to leadership, Brendan Keegan is the epitome of being a leader for everyone, young, old, and in-between. He uses confidence, knowledge, intelligence, and empathy to bring out the best in everyone. Embracing the message of this book will certainly enhance your own leadership qualities but also add value to other people’s lives.
Brendan Keegan is a one-in-a-million leader that sets the gold standard. My company’s transformation and ongoing success is heavily influenced by Brendan’s leadership and advice. He has helped shape me as an owner, as a leader, and as a person.