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Leading a team in turbulent and changing times is difficult. The FUD Factor is a refreshingly easy guide on how to do it well. This is a must-read for any manager.
Through his book, Brendan Keegan helps readers awake the fearless leader within oneself by laying out how to overcome our unintentionally and unconsciously ingrained fear, uncertainty, and doubt. His thirty-year career journey serves as an open and honest backdrop to illustrate some of his groundbreaking lessons, which we can all learn from especially in a post-pandemic workplace. An absolute must-read if you too want to take your career to the next level by investing in yourself.
Brendan has a unique ability to motivate and challenge his team to bring their A-games every day by intently listening, providing helpful encouragement, and being unabashedly transparent. His collaborative leadership approach is focused on getting to the right answer, not his answer.
Brendan P. Keegan gives us a helpful recipe that applies to any organization, from startups to Fortune 500s. Get ready to take notes and shift the way you see things.
My team and I had the great fortune of working directly with Brendan Keegan and, with this book, anyone can now have access to his insights, creativity, and wisdom. The world looks very different today and leaders must be intentional, reflective, and, most importantly, fearless. Brendan provides the playbook that today’s leaders – -at any level – need more than ever.
Brendan has many tremendous leadership qualities, but I’m always impressed by his ability to build a strong culture. It can be rare to find CEO’s that have the passion for it that he does. Brendan understands that if you have a strong culture where employees feel valued, productive and successful, magic happens!
Brendan has the uncanny ability to predict the future by cultivating an ability to see opportunities for the company and to make the decisions and deals that convert opportunities into realities. This is backed up by his past / present day achievements and company results which speak volumes for Brendan as a business leader.
The knowledge I have gained from Brendan Keegan has helped me build the competitive edge needed for success. Brendan’s definition of leadership is uniquely well thought out and says it all here: LEADERSHIP is the willingness to accept responsibility to organize a group of people to achieve a common goal.
Brendan’s insights on how to utilize fearlessness in your leadership journey are invaluable for any emerging leader, particularly when building a driven, top-notch team. I saw this firsthand when he was able to use these insights to build a fearless leader-ship team that took a small family-owned company through an unprecedented global pandemic and financial crisis and emerged on the other side bigger, better, and stronger as one of the most innovative players in the space.
Every time I read something penned by Brendan Keegan, I find myself energized to put my best foot forward as a leader. The FUD Factor is no exception. As he writes here: ‘With the right foundation and tools, we can be ready for fear, uncertainty, and doubt when they do show up and prevent them from taking control.’ Through insightful tips brought to life through personal stories, Keegan helps you become the fearless leader he knows—and now you know, too—that you can be.
Brendan is an award-winning CEO with a deep track record in vision, strategy, and business transformation. Brendan developed a strategic vision for the company that has resulted in Merchants becoming the fastest growing fleet management company in North America.
It’s not often you come across a truly life-changing book. The FUD factor provides the reader with actionable steps on the road to becoming the best version of yourself. Author Brendan P. Keegan makes the book very personable and shows his humility even after achieving so much success which is another great hidden lesson throughout the book.


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