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It has been 2 weeks since the release of ‘The FUD Factor – Overcoming Fear, Uncertainty & Doubt to Achieve the Impossible’. If you’ve ever thought about writing a book of your own, prepare yourself for an incredible journey —and if you’re truly passionate about what you’re writing about, it’ll all be worth it.

Leadership has been a passion of mine since the 3rd grade, and for over a decade now I have had the opportunity to share my stories and hear the stories of some INCREDIBLE leaders. When the writing process for this book started, there was one goal in mind – help people see the Fearless Leader in themselves and accelerate their leadership journey. It was important to include a wide range of stories so that anyone who might pick up the book could find someone they relate to. From 20-year olds like Brian Cameron, a great role model to high school and college student-athletes, to 50-somethings like Zak Brown, CEO of McLaren Racing – this book is designed to apply to EVERYONE, regardless of their age, gender, or career level.

Now, some of you might have gotten this far and are wondering – what the heck is FUD and how does it relate to me? FUD is the fear the world puts on our shoulders throughout our life: “Be careful. You might hurt yourself” or “Nothing good has ever happened doing that.” Next up is uncertainty: “I don’t know if I would try that” or “That looks risky.” And the third stop on the FUD train is doubt: “Go ahead and try out for the team. Just remember it is competitive, and you might not make it.”

I am sure you have heard statements like this at various times throughout yor life. From playing sports as a young kid to making a decision in the workplace – FUD is always there. So how do you overcome it? Welcome to ‘The FUD Factor’. Fearless Leadership is not a one-size-fits-all approach or a linear trajectory. Being a Fearless Leader requires you to commit to

  • being FEARLESS in your efforts to overcome fear, doubt, and uncertainty not just in yourself but also in those you lead
  • being a LEADER every single day and sharing the gift with others
  • being GOOD by embodying and modeling the Fearless Leadership attributes of strength, courage, faith, service, humility, and leadership
  • being IMPACTFUL through the best practices of communicating a clear vision, setting challenging and attainable goals, and establishing a simple system to produce results
  • being COLLABORATIVE with all stakeholders, employees, investors, customers, and vendors in a meaningful way by intentionally and authentically developing and continually improving your brand, relationships, communication, EQ, and influence
  • being LEGENDARY by leading, coaching, mentoring, and cultivating emerging, stuck, challenged, and get-better leaders and giving them the gift of Fearless Leadership
  • beginning the NEXT phase of your Fearless Leadership journey by recognizing the moments along the way when you need to launch, leap, and overcome and never ever stop growing as a person, professional, and leader

Through some of my own stories and stories of those who I have met along my leadership journey, ‘The FUD Factor’ will help you overcome your FUD to achieve the impossible.

Thank you for being on this journey with me and I hope you enjoy ‘The FUD Factor’!




The FUD Factor

Magnify your positive impact on the world by learning how to remove fear, uncertainty and doubt in yourself and the people around you. This book offers an in-depth, actionable approach to uncovering your fearless leadership potential.

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