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You have the opportunity each day to live and breathe fearlessly. You have the ability, the tools and the mental strength to win each day. You are doing everything in your power not to fail and have prepared as best you can. As the initial jolt of fear sets in, and your mind moves to uncertainty and your body wants to curl up with doubt – stand tall and recognize these feelings and emotions and channel your strength. Run toward the fear, not from it. Let me repeat that, run straight toward your fear and face it, do not run away or hide from it.

When you embrace something with the thought of a positive outcome and the will to do what it takes to see that outcome through, then you will truly be living fearlessly. But I also don’t want to paint any illusion that fear won’t exist. It will, you are learning and equipping yourself with the ability to overcome it.

In times of crisis, and we could chat about global business and life crises such as the Internet Bubble that Burst, the Financial Markets Meltdown or the current COVID19 Pandemic, fear is absolutely present, but we can be the light others look to, we can be the hope others rely on, we can be the positive amongst the doomsayers. And quite honestly, doesn’t the world really need us more than ever?

Your family needs your fearlessness, they will follow your lead. Your friends will come to rely on our positivity. Your community will be stronger, for your light burning brighter. Breathe life into others one breath at a time, one person at a time, one moment at a time. Take on the responsibility of being fearless as something bigger than you, and a way you can positively impact every person you come in touch with – now that is a legacy to leave and a way to live and lead your life.




The FUD Factor

Magnify your positive impact on the world by learning how to remove fear, uncertainty and doubt in yourself and the people around you. This book offers an in-depth, actionable approach to uncovering your fearless leadership potential.

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