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A few weeks ago, I wrote about how leaders are MADE they are not born and outlined 8 attributes you can learn and develop. In this week’s Leaders are Made Series, I want to talk about VISION.

Creating a VISION that is bigger than yourself is an important attribute to becoming a Fearless Leader. In good times, your vision will accelerate your success and in challenging times your vision will light your path. If you have never developed a vision, it may seem like a big task and an uncomfortable one. But it doesn’t have to be, it simply takes focused time and energy.

Think about this – how many hours did you spend planning your last vacation? I know my wife and I, along with our kids, spent what seemed like days planning it – flights, hotels, food and more. The average person spends 20 hours on this relatively small task of an annual vacation. Yet, putting in the same 20 hours of focus and energy into developing a vision, will create something that lights your path in life and accelerates your success. This will far outweigh the benefits of a vacation.

So, can you INVEST in your personal and career vision as much as heading to Key West or Stowe, Vermont? Now, that I hope you are committed to putting 20 hours aside, try following these three steps:

1. Make the Vision CLEAR

2. Make the Vision PERSONAL

3. Make the Vision POWERFUL

Making the Vision CLEAR – Fearless Leaders serve as a communication beacon for their respective friends, family, companies, colleagues, and community. Especially in bigger groups, it is crucial that communication is clearly delivered to all members. This is for several reasons. One, if we want the job to get done, people need to know what they have to do. Two, when our teams feel they are included in the communication, they are more likely to feel a sense of unity and belonging, and thus a commitment to the goal. Finally, if leaders communicate clearly, they will actually be seen as having the ability to overcome uncertainty and doubt.

Making the Vision PERSONAL – Fearless Leaders have the willingness to dare to dream. They are not afraid of the obstacles, hurdles and challenges that come with achieving greatness. Fearlessness allows us to personally strive for something that we previously might have thought was unattainable because we now have the courage to fail and the faith to succeed.

Making the Vision POWERFUL – Leading fearlessly with a vision allows you to look past your current reality to a bigger, more powerful future. Leading with a powerful vision, gives you something to strive for in the good times, and something to cling to in the challenging times. A powerful vision is the positive juice others rely on to strive for achieving more. A powerful vision is also the illuminated path to follow when we are unsure of which path to choose. Fearless Leaders develop the ability to craft a vision for themselves and those around them.

If you have a personal vision statement, spend some time this week to review it and confirm it is working for you. If you do not have a personal vision statement, pause on the vacation planning this week and put some time aside when you are at your most creative and start to plan a clear, personal and powerful vision statement. This will be one of the most rewarding exercises you do this year.




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