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HUMILITY is a value that shapes our legacy. As a Fearless Leader, you will be successful. Your fearlessness will get you assigned to the biggest challenges and greatest opportunities. You will have the courage to seize these moments and your faith will prove you successful with exhilarating victories.

With victories come all types of rewards, recognition, and new opportunities. As we discussed earlier, extrinsic rewards are promotions, recognition, awards, and press clippings. Intrinsic rewards are satisfaction, joy, and motivation for the next opportunity. It’s important to experience both.

Success is one of the best ways to develop confidence in ourselves. Success is also impactful at removing fear from others, and therefore instilling confidence in our friends, family and colleagues. When you are recognized with an award or press clipping telling the world about your success, that is a good thing so lean into it.

As a Fearless Leader, your accomplishment is the recognition of you and your team. It will in turn instill courage in others that follow you. Also, we live in a world of extrinsic rewards, and often times to be noticed so we may be presented with the next big opportunity to seize, we have to receive some recognition to be known.

Ever hear of Mother Teresa, Martin Luther King, Jr, Mahatma Gandhi? I’m sure you have and can agree that they were all humble. But their extrinsic recognition for their good work is what propelled each of their missions in life and allowed them to make an exponential impact. What I am trying to say is this: it is beneficial to be recognized for your victories so you can positively serve a bigger purpose in life.

Now let’s flip to another perspective. We all know somebody that enjoys being recognized a little too much, has built a trophy case in their office or home, and is constantly in search of personal recognition. Leading for the purpose of being recognized and rewarded is not serving with humility. Balance is the key.

Fearless Leaders keep an equilibrium between their successes and their servitude. Fearless Leaders serve for the purpose of their vision in life, to accomplish something bigger than themselves and do so to benefit the greater good. Fearless Leaders live for the humbling, but riveting joy of knocking down fear, crushing uncertainty, and disabling doubt.

b FEARLESS & stay humble



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