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You Are Letting Fear Run Your Career and Your Team

Based on your responses, fear may be holding you back in your career. You probably know that this is true but you need to hear it again: your potential is greater than your fears. Your potential is greater than your fears and you can reach it faster than you think.

You deserve more than what your fears allow you. There are greater spoils beyond the doubts you have within yourself. Your journey can start small; you can allow yourself to want something audacious. Do you want to have your best quarter ever? Terrific. You will not get it unless you want it. Passivity will get you nowhere so start owning what you want. 

Today is the day that you can shape a better mindset, one that changes the future for your team and your career. You probably know the answers to so many of the problems within your career, you simply need to do something about them. Step one: acknowledge that you may need to adjust your way of thinking. Fear backs people into corners and makes them feel too small to produce big results. That isn’t you. You are capable and your team deserves to see the best version of yourself. 

You can apply these broad strokes in whatever ways are relevant to your situation. They are the outline of an ethos that delivers bottom-line results. If you aren’t sure if now is the right time or you think that maybe the risk of failure is too painful to face, then your career will be defined by fear. You are better than that. You determine your fate and it will only be as bold as you are. 

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