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Last week I was a witness to some ROCKSTAR teamwork as the Merchants Fleet team executed our 2022 Fleet Summit at our headquarters in Hooksett, NH. Planning begins for this event almost a year in advance, with every detail from the theme to the guest list, right down to who will be responsible for stocking the paper goods. Watching a large majority of the company help to design and execute this event was a showcase and a reminder for 5 things that make a team SUCCEED.

  1. Goals: Defining a goal and outlining the steps to achieve that goal are the first step to executing on any project. Perhaps you have a previous project you can use as a baseline to set your goals. But what really makes you stand out, is if you choose to level up. Set your goals higher than previously, challenge your team to think bigger and better than what has previously been done – think WOW Factor (we will get to this later).
  2. Communication: Good communication can make or break a team. This can be internal communications or external if applicable. Is your team willing to recognize problems and discuss solutions. If everyone is tip-toeing around the problems – you will either not execute on your goals or you will run into unnecessary challenges along the way. Be vocal, be honest, and if you are going to say “no” to something, offer a potential solution.
  3. Specialization: Determine which individuals will be needed to bring their respective skills to the group. You as a leader do not have all the skills necessary to complete a project on your own. If you are in sales but there is an aspect of your project that requires social media, you are not going to execute this on your own. Bring in the social media expert to ensure it is done right and helps you reach your end goal.
  4. Adaptation: Challenges are going to happen. How your team deals with them will define them. Taking challenges, adapting the plan and still delivering the best results is what separates a good team from a GREAT team.
  5. Bringing the WOW factor: Go big or go home! What can you do to go above and beyond. Think of the little details that make you really stand out. It can be as simple as a think you card, a little recognition will go a long way.

So, there you have it, setting goals, communicating, specialization, adaptation and the WOW Factor are 5 things to consider when building a team and starting to execute a project. Remember, who is on the team is important but what really matters is how that team works together and as a leader it is your responsibility to set the stage for this.

Reflecting on last week, I am grateful and amazed at the incredible energy the Merchants team brings to this event each year. I am so proud of the leaders who have recognized their FEARLESSNESS and who have built their teams with these 5 characteristics in mind.




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