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 Turn the FEAR of FAILURE into Your MOTIVATION 

The fear of failure has been one of the greatest sources for the world’s most incredible achievements. Let’s think of this famous line “Okay Houston, we’ve had a problem here.” Those words were spoken on April 13, 1970, and although everyone hearing them in NASA’s Command Center was jolted with a sense of failure, they simply channeled that fear into nothing short of a miracle. The sheer fear of losing the astronauts, brought out the best in all the engineers, scientists and leaders involved. History has proven to us time and time again, that when humankind is pushed into a corner, it comes out kicking and screaming and always wins.&

Turn fear upside down and make it a positive.  We have talked about Mental Toughness, and this is exactly what mentally tough people do.  Right now, we are living amidst a global pandemic like nothing we have ever seen, and in various parts of the world there are racial tensions rising over injustices.  We all have the power to take our fear and use it as fuel to bring about positivity. 

We have to be able to BUILD & LEVERAGE our motivation to overcome fear daily, so we don’t get pressed into a life-threatening situation like the astronauts on Apollo 13. But God Bless if we ever do, we will be prepared for it, we will have built up our fearless muscles on a daily basis. Fearlessness isn’t built in the tough moments, it is built in the days, weeks, months and years leading up to those moments.

And let’s talk openly about when failure does strike, because no matter how hard we fight it, we are not immune. When you think you have failed personally and/or professionally, ask yourself these two questions – “did I do everything in my power not to fail” “how could I have been better prepared to handle this situation?”

If you practice being fearless, and develop this lifelong skill, more times than not you will be satisfied with the answers you give yourself – “yes I did everything I could and I was prepared as I could have been under the circumstances.” And that is a wonderful way to live your life.

Use the fear of failure as your intrinsic motivation and just like the NASA engineers, you will experience nothing short of a MIRACLE. Be your MOTIVATION.




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