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Today I will be a leader.

Sounds simple – you get up, make some coffee, check out your favorite website or news channel, google something and say today is my day to lead. For some of us, this might be true, and for others we really have to work hard each day to make that decision.

There are two parts to how our mind processes this daily decision – the conscious and the subconscious. I believe the subconscious mind is the more powerful one, because it is running and working and processing things and we don’t even know it.

The subconscious mind senses a challenge, a tough day, a situation to address or overcome. Do we think and act fearlessly and run to the challenge? Or does our subconscious mind bury it for another day? It’s an interesting question that only you can answer.

As you build up your fearless skills, the answer will become clearer – you will find yourself addressing problems earlier and confronting challenges when they are speed bumps on the road to success instead of forks in the road. Your subconscious mind will point you in the right direction, and your conscious mind will take over and apply your skills, tools and mindset to think and act fearlessly.

As a leader myself, one thing I really try to work on is consistency. If I can make the decision to lead every day, first subconsciously and then consciously, I will provide my team with a consistent person to depend on, to lean on, to seek strength from.

Some days I look at my calendar and say “today is going to be a doozie,” and in that moment, I realize my team needs me more today than yesterday, and that is the true gift of leadership.But with that realization, comes great responsibility. Being a leader is a daily decision that grows into a healthy daily responsibility.

I am also convinced from teaching, coaching and mentoring leadership, that the daily responsibility of being a leader becomes your daily “juice”. As humans, we have a desire to be wanted and even needed. Being a leader that others depend on is a great feeling. When your family, friends and colleagues walk into the room to face a challenge, and they are glad you are there to help, that is when you are leading fearlessly.

I hope each of you wake up everyday energized to be a leader, and if not yet, then I hope someday you are blessed with this gift that you can truly give yourself.




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