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As I have mentioned before, Leaders are MADE they are not born. There are 8 attributes that help one to become a truly fearless leader. One we have already discussed is VISION This week let’s dive into RELATIONSHIPS.

Fearless Leaders develop RELATIONSHIPS and take the required time to invest in those relationships. Leadership is about organizing a group of people – people require your time, energy, focus, and investment. Fearless Leaders also are willing to put themselves out there and network, meet new people and connect more often. Sometimes this can be scary because fear, uncertainty, and doubt creep in. But as you develop the attributes and a leadership style that pushes past challenges and cultivates a network, and tribe of people that want to follow your fearless style is built. And why do they want to follow you? Because you take their fear away, you lead them to a bigger vision, and they value your leadership and bravery in the face of their own doubts.

Slowing down to take the time to build trust and relationships is very challenging. Early in my career, I thought I was pretty good at building relationships. As I grew and wanted to become a better leader, I realized I was good at creating relationships but didn’t invest the time to nurture ongoing relationships.

We’ve all gotten the out-of-the-blue call, text, or email from a person from our past, asking how we are doing, followed by a favor request. One day, I realized I was in a relationship like this, and I was the one reaching out. So, I made a conscious decision to get much better at nurturing relationships. With how busy the world is today and with our own perception of how busy we are, I find myself still challenged to do this, but it is a conscious battle I work on every week. Why? Because as a Fearless Leader, I am committed to building trust with my connections so someday I can help each of these people by removing some fear, self-doubt, or uncertainty in their lives. I am committed to taking the time and making the investment, no matter how challenging. Fearless Leaders find a way, and I know you will as well.

I challenge you to look at your current relationships, personal and business. Are you taking the time to nurture them or are you creating them and leaving them to sit? Evaluate each one and determine one thing you can do to help that relationship grow. You might find that a relationship you put on the back burner or forgot about could make a difference in some aspect of your life.




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