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Uncertainty breeds uncomfortable-ness. When we know an outcome is certain, we feel comfortable and maybe even confident. But as the percentages slip from certain to uncertain, we become anxious, restless and perhaps even irritable. Over the course of our lives, we will be put into thousands and thousands of uncertain situations, so are we really going to let ourselves live with anxiety and restlessness, or are we going to accept uncertainly and learn to embrace it? Reflect on some of the situations in your life when the cards have been stacked against you, but you overcame the odds and won. Channel that reflection in times of uncertainty.

For many years, I was a turnaround executive essentially running into companies that were troubled to fix them – it was like being a Corporate Firefighter. Part of my responsibility was to remove the employees fears and feelings of uncertainty so they could focus on better serving the clients. I took that responsibility seriously and committed 100% to all the employees we would turn the company around and win. Fundamentally, I was announcing a certain outcome. Now, what I couldn’t tell them on day one was how. But that is ok, the emphasis was on removing uncertainty and replacing with confidence. In life when confronted with uncertainty, follow these 3 steps:

·First, focus on theoutcome you want

·Next, determine how you will achieve that outcome

·Third, commit to do what it takes to win

When you consciously know the outcome you want, research has proven you are 50% more likely to achieve that outcome then someone who does not have a focused desired outcome. Once you know the desired outcome, build the individual actions that will get you to that result – this is the how. And lastly, focus your mental energy on completing the daily actions with a clear picture of the desired outcome and you will be visualizing your success, and illuminating your own path to success.

Today, we live our daily lives in an uncertain time – when will this be over? When can I come back to work? When will schools re-open? When will the Bruins get a chance to play for the Stanley Cup? When will certainty and normalcy resume?

My answer is simple, we will all STAY SAFE, STAY STRONG & STAY SANE. We will become stronger people, stronger companies and stronger communities from this pandemic. We will all serve our clients in new ways. We will experience our co-workers and teammates virtually and find different ways to have fun. Summer vacations will morph into local stay-cations, where we have the opportunity to get to know our local communities better. Friendships will shift to different communication channels, and distances! Families will become closer, even when it feels too close. You will remain safe. You will be strong. And we are all doing our best to stay sane.

Living and leading fearlessly is the greatest path you can choose for yourself, it will empower you to control your life and live the way you choose.




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