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Being a leader requires a lot of PERSONAL STRENGTH.

STRENGTH takes on many forms – physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. Fearless Leaders strike a balance and develop all aspects of strength. Stay healthy physically, stay sharp mentally, stay balanced emotionally, and stay centered spiritually. Building strength should be a daily habit, because fear, uncertainty, and doubt strike on their schedule, not ours. And we must have reserves of strength to fight fear when it strikes unexpectedly. Let’s think about a few things we can do across each aspect of strength:

  1. Physical Strength– the four key ingredients to building your physical strength are food, exercise, sleep and water. Nourish your body with healthy whole foods, exercise regularly and appropriately to build your energy level, recharge your body with seven to eight hours of sleep each night, and hydrate your body to keep your immune system strong.
  2. Mental Strength – the key to mental strength is finding sources and outlets. Sources are things that give you positive mental energy and outlets are activities you do to reinvigorate your positive energy. Common sources and outlets are escaping reality through reading books or watching a movie, physical activity that allows your mind to wander, spending time with loved ones that make you feel good, doing nothing so you can recharge, or self-care to help you feel recharged.
  3. Emotional Strength – the key to emotional strength is to surround yourself with good people to remain balanced. Invest in quality time with your family, connect and reconnect with your friends, stay in touch more on a daily and weekly basis, do something meaningful and memorable with your loved ones and those closest to you, and moderate social media, of which I’m sure you know exactly what I mean.
  4. Spiritual Strength – finding your spiritual strength is very personal but also very key to becoming a centered and Fearless Leader. It all starts with believing in a higher power. Activities that can nourish your soul are as simple as reading spiritual literature or inspirational stories, attending a faith-based service, joining a spiritual group, and praying for goodness in the world.

Strengthen your fearless muscles daily and BE THE ROCK OTHERS DEPEND ON. Being a Fearless Leader is built on you becoming a stronger and stronger person over your lifetime so you can take on increasing larger roles in the world with the ability to impact more people, and that is pretty cool.




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