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Listening is easy, but it’s not fool-proofed. 45% of your communication is used for listening, but are you using them to your ADVANTAGE!

  1. Take Notes
    • Take notes either shorthand or longhand with quick references to refer later. Record the presentation with a recorder to boost your listening process and physically engage the brain, eyes and fingers. By taking the time to write notes, it sends a good message to your audience and a sign of respect!
  2. Count ONE Mississippi
    • Delay slightly before you speak, so you absorb and understand better. This prevents you from being perceived as anxious and helps you listen to their last thought. Remember, interrupting the other party is disrespectful!
  3. Act like you Care
    • Uncross your arms and legs, sit straight in your chair or maintain an athletic stance. It is best to face the other party or speaker while leaning forward to display attentiveness. Lastly, make eye contact, which shows that you care!
  4. Cut the Clutter
    • Focus by removing any external or internal distraction. Block any noise or room clutter to prevent your mind from wandering. Remember, people whose desks/offices that are a mess are perceived as not being good listeners!
Make it simple,



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