YOUR Fearless Leadership Score

You’re Letting Your FEAR Inhibit You

You might even be afraid of this result. But, you don’t have to be. The truth is, most leaders find themselves in this position, often oscillating between inhibiting fear and being fearless. No matter what success you achieve, fear is never static. A fear you overcome today might be a fear that overwhelms you tomorrow.

What you should really be afraid of is the way fear is limiting you and your team. Scores in this range typically indicate an emerging leader hungry for success, but weary of the journey and too often ruled by a fear of failure. We’re all afraid of getting hurt at some point in our journey, fearful of being disappointed. We think fear of failure then protects us and our team from hitting rock bottom. We think if we can mitigate the worst outcomes we’ll be okay in the long run. 

Fear of failure paralyzes us and puts a low ceiling on our potential for success, which is itself a form of failure. Fearless leadership on the other hand doesn’t ignore the fear of failure, but rather confronts it, acknowledges the risks, and then meets them head-on. It’s action—not inaction—that will give us the sense of calm we desire. 

By doing nothing, you are allowing fear to build, to fortify itself against you, and gain momentum each day you do nothing about it. So it’s imperative now that you take a stand and fight fear inch-by-inch, day-by-day, instance-by-instance. Do that and you will strengthen your power to rise against fear, achieve the success you deserve, and become the FEARLESS leader you are meant to be. 

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