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You’re a FEARLESS leader

Today, you embody the fearless leader. That’s not to say you live or lead completely without fear. Rather, you understand fear, what it takes to overcome challenges, and produce outcomes that put uncertainty, doubt, and fear to rest. It’s a place where a rare few leaders end up, but the challenge now is, can you remain fearless?

Leadership is a daily choice. Whether you know it or not, tomorrow could arrive full of new fears, unexpected fears that knock you down just when you thought you were standing so tall. It’s moments like these when even fearless leaders like yourself are particularly susceptible to the encroachment of doubt. Your fearlessness has awarded you the success you dreamed of, but can it continue? How can we possibly keep this momentum going? Common concerns for any leader, but ones that carry more weight as success piles up. 

It’s here, in these moments of doubt amidst the success that mental toughness makes all the difference. Doubt is a part of life and leadership, no matter how great things are going. How we manage doubt matters. Enter mental toughness. Far from some innate quality, each successful leader possesses, mental toughness is a practice, a muscle you can strengthen and tone. 

Routines, and centering our lives around the things that make us whole help mitigate doubt and restore our faith that success is and will be here to stay. Next time you feel doubt creeping in, get back to the things that keep you grounded—exercise, reading, praying/meditating, good nutrition, quality time with loved ones, gratitude, and sound sleep. Maybe your list is different. Whatever tools you summon to champion doubt and build up your resilience as a leader, make sure to do so often, so that your focus stays fixed on successful outcomes rather than pernicious doubts. 

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